First day of 5:2 diet, heard some sad news, saw some posh vintage cars.

Today was hard. A family member had someone close to them pass away. Tough. Tragic. The person was also young and it was very unexpected. Tough and hard on those left behind. He’s now in peace, having done his best for all concerned. 

Work was normal. Did the first day of the . Which is the first of two. Started off with a bowl of apple and satsumas. For lunch had jacket potato with tuna (added some mayo and hot sauce.)

Passed some fancy cars so took pictures.

Got a headache from sugar withdrawals. Bad one. Very bad headache. But I must keep going. After which when to visit my bereave family member. Gave in to eating grapes. Having Edamame beans (posh and fancy name for boiled soya beans) for supper.


Planned to meet a fellow writer on Saturday. That should be fun.  

Not sure I achieved the 500 calories of 5:2 diet but it’s a start. I probably did double that - but no cake or pudding. Totally resisted that today. Back to normal tomorrow.

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